Cocus Vivai is a family-run business, dealing with the cultivation and production of citrus fruits for ornamental purposes.

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3 easy ways to protect plants from pests

The insects that infest our gardens and beloved flowers are several, among the most common, however, we find two, aphids and mealybugs.

These insects usually nestle in the softest parts of the plant, at the base of the flowers, in the buds, and sometimes on the stems, sucking sap and releasing a sugary substance, the so-called “honeydew,” if not treated in time the plant could become diseased and die, to prevent this from happening, note down these three simple tips:

1) Use insecticidal sticks in advance, grafted onto the soil in fact, they will confer protection for up to 3 months, they also have a nutritive function for the plant;

2) Spray the plants with a biological solution of pyrethrum or soft soap;

3) Remove visible pests directly, for example by helping with a not too strong water jet, and remember, if there are excessively affected parts, these will have to be pruned.