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The Red Lemon: exotic variant

The Red Lemon is an exotic variant of the Yellow Lemon; it is among the crops that is most intriguing because of its unusual bright color, thick skin, and also flesh slightly more bitter than its yellow counterpart.

This fruit, once ripe, perishes quickly over the course of 2-3 days, which is why it is not found in grocery stores.

It is an extravagant plant that has several uses.

– It can be used in cooking, substituting Yellow Lemon either as a seasoning, or to make juices.
– It is also used in cosmetics, mainly for its pleasant scent and antibacterial properties.
In addition, essences or body oils can also be made from it.
– Another use is certainly ornamental, in fact the Red Lemon plant is perfect for decorating the home, as are its flowers.

The best way to grow Red Lemon is to keep the plant in a pot, and meet some conditions: you need to have a suitable, very rich soil, and also a fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium.

The plant is very vulnerable in the winter months, so it must be kept in places frequently reached by the sun.

In spring it begins to bud, sporting beautiful white flowers that give off a pleasant scent that drives away insects.

In autumn the first green lemons will begin to appear.

It is very important to care for this plant properly, and pruning is very important: it should be done carefully before the flowers appear, using specific products.