Cocus Vivai is a family-run business, dealing with the cultivation and production of citrus fruits for ornamental purposes.

C.da Solaria, 37, Rodì Milici (ME) +39 340 689 9586 /+39 347 531 8157
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Black Orange Citrus Sinensis

The Moro Orange Citrus Sinensis is a beautiful fruit tree of Italian origin, cultivated mainly in Sicily and widespread in the areas of Catania and Syracuse, but also in the plain of Palermo.

It is a fascinating and very vigorous plant, characterized by fruits with an orange skin with more reddish shades on one side, while inside the pulp is an intense red color and seedless.

It blooms particularly abundantly in spring, and is especially highly scented: when its white flowers bloom they give off a very good Mediterranean aroma, at which point the plant reaches its peak.

Because of these characteristics, the Moro Orange Citrus Sinesis can become a fantastic interior decoration plant.