Cocus Vivai è un’azienda a conduzione familiare. Si occupa della coltivazione e produzione di agrumi a scopo ornamentale.

C.da Solaria, 37, Rodì Milici (ME) +39 340 689 9586 /+39 347 531 8157
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Chi siamo - Cocus Vivai - Piante e agrumi ornamentali di Sicilia

About us


At Cocus Vivais we are direct growers and produce citrus and olive seedlings for ornamental and fruiting purposes. Our company has been in the industry for several years and is continuously growing. It deals with wholesale sales aimed at professionals in the field but also retail sales offers customers guarantee and reliability. Our plants are certified according to current regulations, are born and grow in a healthy and constantly controlled environment, and are intended for domestic and foreign trade. The company is purely family-run, boasts of the important experience in the field of several professionals and the resourcefulness of a bright and youthful management. Cocus Vivai operates in the town of Terme Vigliatore and Rodì Milici, 50km from the province of Messina, in an area where citrus cultivation is a deep-rooted popular culture. forza degli antociani


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