Cocus Vivai è un’azienda a conduzione familiare. Si occupa della coltivazione e produzione di agrumi a scopo ornamentale.

C.da Solaria, 37, Rodì Milici (ME) +39 340 689 9586 /+39 347 531 8157
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Chi siamo - Cocus Vivai - Piante e agrumi ornamentali di Sicilia

About us


The several Cocus palms that have sprung up spontaneously within the nursery, gave the input for an exotic name! So in the spring 2000, COCUS VIVAI was born by Francesca Costantino and Francesco Giorgianni, who completely overturned what was a small and family nursery, introducing the concept of beauty, quality and multi varieties, winning terms that give great satisfaction right from the start despite numerosous sacrifices. The benfits from professional figures, qualified staff and serious business partners, have given the edge to this young company that never misses an opportunity to constantly renew itself, while respecting nature and biodiversity. The work team is the key of everything!
The customers, whether small or large retailers, wholesalers or large distributors, are at the centre of the company’s thinking. The main aim is to make the end customer happy!

Orange...the power of anthocyanins


Citrus fruits to rediscover


Yellow... as the sun of Sicily


The exotics...