Cocus Vivai è un’azienda a conduzione familiare. Si occupa della coltivazione e produzione di agrumi a scopo ornamentale.

C.da Solaria, 37, Rodì Milici (ME) +39 340 689 9586 /+39 347 531 8157
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Ornamental Citrus fruits of Sicily


The horticultural company Cocus Vivai is located on the north coast of beautiful Sicily, between the gulf of Milazzo and the gulf of Tindari and overlooks the seven Aeolian Island, 0 m above the sea level, thus benefiting from the presence of sea currents.
The management is strictly family-run, young and dynamic projected on innovation, on the future, while remaining firmly anchored to those tradition handed down by the old generations, which allow a traditional cultivation, with great attention to the health of the plant, as weel as to the beauty of the plant and the particularity of the varieties.


I am an entrapeneur and often work with this nursery company, they have never let me down in professionalism and punctuality in delivery and supply of their goods. The qualiry of their products is unisputed , plants are always in excellent conditions, and i have never have any complaints from my clients.


I often buy from Cocus Vivai, competence and professionalism of this company is to be praised, especially thank to their important advices that they always give me and that make my gardening activities functional.


I have always wanted to have a perfect garden that met all my requirement perfectly and this is why I decided to rely on this nursery. The company made sure that all my wishes were perfectly reflected without neglecting any detail. Highly recommended!


A family run nursery with brilliant and youthful management.Prepared and willing to find the most suitable solution for every request.


Since I have discovered this company, I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to give menaing to their green spaces. My garden is full of ornamental plants and the maintenance service previously requested is flawless.


My garden project realised by this company satisfied all my requirements and I can say at least that I have a garden that meets each of my needs. I suggest this company if you want to be sure that the end result can be satisfying to the fullest and your garden aestethically perfect. Thank you!

Orange... the power of anthocyanins


Citrus fruits to rediscover


Yellow... as the sun of Sicily


The exotics



How and when trim the plants?

Plants should not be pruned during the flowering phase. In March a training pruning is sufficient, while from April to October a simple trimming is more than sufficient. For proper pruning, branches that are too long must be shortened to ensure good light penetration into the foliage.

When is it recommended to repot the plants?

It is prefarable to repot the plants after the cold winter, and it is convenient to repot them in pots that are somewhat larger by 2 to 4 points than the original ones, they should be neither smaller nor too large. It is also necessary to add new potting soil to the old one.

Which soil is best to use?

We recommended using a not too fertile, fresh and well-drained soil with good water retention, for example dark, blond peat and expanded clay.

How much water to give the plants?

The plants must be watered regularly, obviously the frequency varies depending on the seasons. In the winter months it is best to limit the frequency of watering and avoid over-watering. In summer, on the other hand, it is necessary to water the plants at least three or four times a week. The water must flow freely, so several holes at the base of the pot are neccessary.