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How to care for plants while on holiday?

The vacations are just around the corner, whether you get away from work, the stresses of daily life, or just go away for the sake of it, here are some tips to prevent your plants from suffering or even dying during your absence!

1) Do you have a bathtub? Fill it 9-10cm and make sure the water does not drain away, place the plants without a saucer and that’s it, they will absorb water directly from the holes in the pot.

2) You can use water bottles, making a small hole in the cap and placing them upside down in the pot, to let the water flow slowly, mind though! Move the soil around a bit before placing the bottle or there will be a risk of plugging the hole with overly compacted soil.

3) You can buy a complexed water-based gel, which when placed in the substrate acts like a sponge, and will release the water slowly into the soil, keeping it moist for up to a month!

To promote humidity in the environment, we recommend that you put all the plants close together, away from the sun, and place them next to containers of water, which will help make the environment humid.Finally, if you can, leave a few windows open to ensure air circulation.

That’s it, the plants will be ready to withstand your absence, so you can leave with one less thought!