Cocus Vivai is a family-run business, dealing with the cultivation and production of citrus fruits for ornamental purposes.

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Arcobal: Citrus Meyer x Sinensis

  /    /  Arcobal: Citrus Meyer x Sinensis

Arcobal: Citrus Meyer x Sinensis

The Arcobal orange is a hybrid citrus fruit, born from a cross between a Meyer lemon and a double blood orange. It is a very attractive fruit because of its striped coloring. Its flavor resembles an orange, but slightly less intense. It is a “moderncitrus fruit, withstands low temperatures very well and is popular for ornamental purposes because of its scenic effect.


Very fragrant fruit rich in essential oils
Sensitive to cold, avoid heat shock
Water regularly without excess
Blow several times a year, very fragrant
Fertilize with specific fertilizer for citrus