Cocus Vivai is a family-run business, dealing with the cultivation and production of citrus fruits for ornamental purposes.

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Combava: Citrus Hystrix

  /    /  Combava: Citrus Hystrix


A citrus fruit from India that is widely cultivated today in Mauritius itself. The fruit is wrinkled, green in color that tends to turn yellow as it finally ripens. It is a very tart, juice-free fruit that is consumed mainly for its essential oils, which are present in large quantities both on leaves and on the fruit. It is used grated on dishes, or sliced for flavoring, and highly valued are the leaves, which release intense and long-lasting scents. In Indonesian medicine, Citrus Hystrix is considered a “medicinal citrus“. To the juice of its fruit, repellent properties against insects are attributed, but it is used in addition to preparations for washing hair, leaving it shiny.


Very fragrant fruit rich in essential oils
Sensitive to cold, avoid heat shock
Water regularly without excess
Blow several times a year, very fragrant
Fertilize with specific fertilizer for citrus