Cocus Vivai is a family-run business, dealing with the cultivation and production of citrus fruits for ornamental purposes.

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Labeling is necessary to quickly and precisely distinguish differents plants
In addition, all the information about each plant is included on the photo tag, which is useful for both the most experienced nurseryman but especially for those who are approaching the world of floriculture purely as a hobby.
Therefore, it is not only a matter of practicality in classifying plants, but also a matter of correct information.

In fact, the photo tag contains a number of useful details on the care and well-being of the plants themselves, including:

  • Scientific name;
  • Category of membership;
  • Mode of exposure;
  • Amount of irrigation required.

Our labeling service is personalized, safe, useful and effective.
It can also prove to be a very important element especially in the case of a novice buyer or one who is not sufficiently informed about the plant they are buying.
Labeling is done with care and does not harm the health status of the plant in any way.


Additional features and benefits of the tagging service:

  • Photo tags resistant to rain and other weather conditions, particularly suitable for plants periodically exposed to irrigation and in continuous contact with the open air.
  • Readable photo tags to enable the buyer to easily acquire all the information he or she deems necessary, such as the scientific name of the plants, their origin, and the type of irrigation or sun exposure recommended.
  • Useful photo cards that can be kept by the buyer, as they provide valuable information on plant maintenance and care and practical advice on treatments to keep plants in perfect health.
  • Passports for each individual plant according to current regulations.